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*Our Females*


Rare White Female


Silvergrey Female (white carrier)

image0 (1).jpeg


Rare Silvergrey with white markings! White carrier! Very exciting!


 ~Moldy Pear~ 

Fawn Female (white carrier)

*Our Males*


Fawn Male (white carrier)

Oogie Boogie

Rare White Male


Black Male


Goblin King

  Rare heterochromia (2 different colored eyes) Black (white carrier). New potential! Uncertain if the heterochromia is hereditary or not yet. We are working on finding out. He is also the carrier of strange white markings (such as on Nimbus neck). We are looking forward to seeing all his potential!


*The Queen of the Grumble!*


Elaina is currently our oldest pug. She has never been bred. She is a spayed female. We initially bought her with intentions of breeding. She cost us $2000. She has a great little body, lush soft fawn coat, and wonderful personality. And a face that could make your heart melt. As well as many Champions in her background. It seemed she had great potential. However when Elaina came to us, it became quickly apparent to us that she should never be bred. Her hips were far too narrow. Her nostrils needed surgery to open them (a common ailment in pugs that we are working to REMOVE from the breed!). And despite our efforts to help her breathe easier with the surgery, she still had a collapsed trachea that is unfixable, and causes her severe breathing issues. She takes medication to help her through the rough patches. She has a form of mang that requires medication for the rest of her life (non contagious form). And she has early cataracts. We are just happy to still have her around with us today. She is a WONDERFUL family member. She takes charge around here keeping everyone else in line. She looks in on the babies and likes to be there by my side when any of the girls are giving birth. She wants to make sure everyone is OK. I share Elaina with you so you understand, that our pugs are not just breeders. They are family members. They are loved. And also that we do not just breed simply because we can. We take the health of our babies seriously. We aim to improve many issues common in the pug breed. These guys have been bred to to a cute pile of wrinkled mush, adorable for certain, but riddled with health issues due to our desire to see them look this way. My goal is to keep that wonderful look as best I can, while eliminating the health issues as best I can. The need for C Sections was a big one I have worked on. I will not breed a female that needs a C section. I aim to produce pugs that can give natural birth. We do our best to get rid of the breathing issues. There will still be puppies that have pinched nostrils, and collapsed tracheas. There will still be lingering health issues that come along with this breed. And you should be well educated on those possibilities when bringing a pug into your family. But with the efforts to only breed pugs that are without these issues, we can be certain to see them occur less. We cannot control what other pug breeders decide is "right" to breed. Some will cast aside the health issues and only breed for the looks. While we aim to improve the looks, we also will always work to getting rid of the health faults. We want you to enjoy your family member for many many years to come. As we do ours!

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